‘Pull’ is Key Word in this Thrilling Hobby

Trap shooting is an exhilarating sport, requiring quick action and split-second timing to successfully shoot a flying clay pigeon. But oh what a feeling.

A sport since the 1800s when created to practice bird hunting, it became an Olympic sport in 1900. It continues to grow in popularity as a hobby, and for those wanting more of a challenge there are competitions.

You likely are familiar with the shout out of “pull” from many movie and TV scenes that often depict the rich at play, so to speak. Yes, it can be a costly hobby just in shotgun shells and the price of rifles. A box of 250 rounds can go for $160, while shotguns range from several hundred to thousands of dollars.

That “pull” shout sets off a chain-reaction demanding concentration, skill and confidence as the “pull” signifies the throwing of a clay pigeon from different angles away from the shooter. The shooter knows the point of origin, but has no idea of the target’s angle.

To set up your own trap shooting range of course make sure you have enough space and are obeying any city, county or state ordinances. You’ll need a trap thrower, which can cost $200 to $600.

And there’s even a double thrower in the $800 range. Imagine the thrill of two at once!

You’ll need earmuffs, shooting glasses and safety vests for you and your friends, plus shell carriers and perhaps a choke tube for your shotgun. A box of 60 clay pigeons goes for around $47.

It might be fun to get a trapshooting trainer that can help improve response time and accuracy with its instant detailing of shot position and velocity, among other things. Garmin has one for about $1,000 that syncs with your smartphone through an app.

The easy alternative to setting up your operation are shooting ranges and clubs where you pay a fee and can rent equipment.

The Prescott Trap & Skeet Club in Dewey serves the Quad Cities area. Website:

The Ben Avery Shooting Facility is about 90 minutes south of Prescott and two hours from Flagstaff. It is operated by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Website:

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