Understand Chakras and Energy Flow in Reiki Practice

Chakras, named for the Sanskrit word for “wheel,” are seven energy centers believed to be located along the spine, each associated with specific organs, emotions and aspects of consciousness.

The concept plays a role in several Asian healing and religious traditions, including ayurveda, meditation and yoga.

In reiki practice, these chakras play a crucial role in understanding the flow of life force energy, or “ki,” throughout the body. Starting from the base of the spine and ascending to the crown of the head, each chakra corresponds to different elements of human experience.

Using reiki, the aim is to balance and align these chakras by clearing any blockages or imbalance by practitioners placing their hands gently on or just above these chakra locations to transfer energy to them.

Root Chakra — At the base of the spine, this chakra represents our sense of stability, security and connection to the physical world. When balanced, it fosters feelings of safety and being grounded.

Sacral Chakra — Below the navel, this energy center governs our creativity, sexuality and emotional expression. A balanced sacral chakra encourages healthy relationships, creativity and a sense of pleasure in life.

Solar Plexus Chakra — Above the navel, this chakra is associated with personal power, confidence and self-esteem. When balanced, it empowers us to pursue our goals with clarity and determination.

Heart Chakra — At the center of the chest, this chakra governs love, compassion and forgiveness. An open and balanced heart chakra fosters deep connections with others and a sense of universal love and empathy.

Throat Chakra — This area governs communication, self-expression and authenticity. When balanced, it enables clear and honest communication, both with ourselves and others.

Third Eye Chakra — Between the eyebrows, this chakra represents intuition, insight and inner wisdom. A balanced third eye chakra enhances our ability to trust our instincts and perceive the deeper truths of our existence.

Crown Chakra — At the top of the head, this energy center connects us to the divine and the universe. When balanced, it fosters spiritual growth, enlightenment and a sense of unity with all beings.

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