Upscale Homes Cry Out for Cool Roofs

For all the work people put into planning and building their luxury home, the roof that crowns it also needs special consideration.

It’s an important element both structurally and aesthetically, and there are several roofing materials to consider that have different strengths and drawbacks when it comes to durability, appearance and cost effectiveness.


Renowned for its timeless elegance and durability, slate roofing’s natural beauty, durability and resistance to fire and mold add up to a preferred option among homeowners.

While the initial cost may be higher compared to other materials, its longevity (up to 100 years) and low maintenance requirements make it worth it.

The cumulative weight of slate tiles may tax the roof frames of some houses, especially newer ones, so your roofer will need to test its strength and possibly reinforce it.


Metal roofing has become increasingly popular in pricier home construction due to its sleek appearance, longevity and energy efficiency. Options such as copper, zinc and stainless steel offer a modern aesthetic that complements contemporary architectural designs.

Metal roofing is highly durable, resistant to fire and extreme weather conditions, and requires minimal maintenance.

Metal roofing is expensive to install, potentially more than replacing multiple shingle roofs over time. It may not complement traditional home styles and not everybody loves hearing the sound of raindrops on a metal roof, at least regularly.

Clay or concrete tiles

Clay or concrete tiles add a touch of Mediterranean inspiration to homes with their distinctive shapes and rich colors. These roofing materials are highly durable, weather-resistant and energy-efficient.

Additionally, clay and concrete tiles require minimal maintenance and can last for decades, making them a valuable investment.

Cost and total weight are concerns, and tile roofs’ predominance throughout the region may send some homeowners looking for something apart from the norm.

More possibilities

Wood or shake shingles are less durable but have a traditional look many people love. Synthetic materials that mimic other roof types are showing promise, but many are too new to have proven their long-term performance.

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