Wearing Neutrals is not Boring (in Neutral Territory)

Everyone is different and not every fashion trend, style or color works for everyone. The key to a capsule wardrobe with classic, neutral pieces is to find what works for you and then have fun with it.

Mastering the art of all-over neutrals is all about playing with texture and shape. Neutral outfits typically stick to a palette of white, cream, beige, gray, brown, navy and classic black and usually steer clear of bold patterns and overpowering details — but that doesn’t mean they’re boring.

To add a touch of character, mix different textures in with your neutral. For instance, combine matte and glossy elements and even incorporate knitted patterns.

Think also about layering textures. To lift your tonal look and add a wow factor without breaking the neutral vibe, add statement pieces in the form of jewelry, shoes, bags or coats. Pair a neutral pants outfit with a Sherpa clutch in the same tones, or add patent leather boots.

Adding texture to a neutral outfit can add depth.

When it comes to styling neutrals, play with volume. Consider an oversized coat, wide-legged trousers or an ample skirt. And volume doesn’t have to mean extreme — a frilly or slightly puffed sleeve can still add movement to a neutral look. High-waisted, wide-legged trousers are universally flattering paired with a fitted top.

Neutrals are versatile, wearable and timeless — the ultimate quiet luxury. They’ll never go out of style and are staples for years. Clothing with more longevity equals a win for you and your wardrobe.

Don’t be worried that dressing in neutrals means no more patterns. Neutrals are found in classic prints and patterns like leopard, dots, stripes, pinstripes and check patterns like gingham, plaid, houndstooth and more. These designs usually consist of at least two neutral hues.

For example, a classic striped T-shirt in navy and white and an animal print blouse in tan and black are perfect examples of neutral prints to wear with other basic colors. Just remember to look for the classic combinations. A tonal animal print with black jeans can rock a neutral look. But be careful of the size of the pattern. Generally, small- to medium-sized prints in medium to dark neutrals work better.

You can also wear two or more neutrals together to produce an effortless look. Pair black with light gray, or tan and cream. Navy and gray work well together as do ivory and khaki.

For an injection of style and personality, add a signature color from your wardrobe for a pop. For example, wear a scarf with a pop of orange against a beige top or a raspberry coat over neutral navy.

If you’re not sure what to pair with a non-neutral garment, add a neutral item and see how it looks. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

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