Vacationing in Arizona this Summer? Don’t Forget Prescott

Day-trippers, vacationers, locals — wherever you live in Arizona — when you hit the road for short visits or longer vacations this summer consider Prescott, the state’s first territorial capital.

Prescott’s Old-Time Charm

Known as “Everybody’s Hometown” for its friendliness and century-old Victorian-influenced neighborhoods that remind visitors of places they’ve lived in the Midwest or Northeast, Prescott sits in the Bradshaw and Granite mountains.

It’s probably most famous for the white-columned courthouse and tree-lined square that anchor its historic downtown and the superb recreational opportunities at nearby forests and lakes.

Aside from these must-sees, there are more attractions you may not be aware of to enhance your experience as you escape the desert heat or just want a short hop down from Northern Arizona to experience a new place.


Founded in the 1850s, Prescott’s a favorite for history buffs with its landmarks and museums including Sharlot Hall Museum, two blocks away from Courthouse Plaza. It includes the log-cabin Governor’s Mansion from when the city served as the territorial capital, along with more buildings and thousands of local artifacts.

The Museum of Indigenous People sits on the outskirts of downtown and has an extensive collection of locally made pottery along with other artifacts from the Yavapai and other local tribes. The Phippen Museum’s Western-themed paintings, sculptures and other art pieces sit just north of the Granite Dells, Prescott’s most outstanding geological feature, and Watson and Willow lakes.

Dining and shopping

Prescott’s culinary scene has grown from Old West landmarks like the Palace Restaurant and Jersey Lilly Saloon to include more modern and eclectic fare from establishments like Farm Provisions, Atmesfir and El Gato Azul.

Art galleries like the Ian Russell Gallery of Fine Art, antique shops including the Cortez Street Emporium and boutiques including Purple Clover and Drawn West also dot the downtown with unbeatable variety and value.

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