Retain your Style While Working with a Designer

Retain your style while working with a designer. Working with an interior designer can help you design your home to be the sanctuary it should be, both beautiful and functional.

by Valerie Demetros Working with an interior designer can help you design your home to be the sanctuary it should be, both beautiful and functional. But it can feel daunting to trust someone to create a space where you will feel comfortable and, more importantly, will reflect your personal style and vision. Even though designers […]

Designing Around a Family Heirloom

by Valerie Demetros Family heirlooms are treasured possessions that not only honor your past but carry a sentimentality that is irreplaceable. Of course, displaying these cherished items may become a design challenge, merging old and new with contrasting styles. But don’t panic, design pros have found many ways to bring your heirlooms right up front […]

Blending a Couple’s Decorating Styles

When it comes to combining households, you probably have decor items that you each value, and chances are some don’t go together. But don’t panic, you can incorporate each other’s cherished items and maintain a cohesive design. It just takes time, patience and compromise. First, conduct an audit. List which items are non-negotiable and which […]

Lighting’s Power comes in Many Forms

Technological advances with LED lighting in particular have revolutionized how homes can be illuminated, which means you have more choices than ever for your home. This can make it a little more confusing when making decisions on what to do, but the extra homework pays off with endlessly appealing and customizable ways to see your […]

It’s Useful (AKA Fun) to know What’s Trending

Interior design doesn’t usually undergo seasonal fluctuations like fashion because furniture and textures are too expensive and enduring to modify frequently. Yet, things do change and new spaces are designed every year. If you’re looking for an opportunity to update and add a bit of style or comfort to your space, here is your chance. […]

Bring Haute Couture into your Home

Chances are, you have a favorite designer or two — designers who speak to your own personal style and make you feel comfortable and beautiful each time you wear them. And if you have a passion for fashion, you are undoubtedly passionate about your home’s interior design. You’re in luck because now more than ever […]

Draw the Eye by Decorating with a Focal Point

A focal point is one of the most important components of each room in your home. It’s the first thing people see when they enter a room. And the best thing you can do is emphasize that focal point and draw the eye right to it. The most common are windows with beautiful views, kitchen […]

Bespoke Built-in Storage can Elevate your Home

Built-in furniture is the standard in many parts of the typical home — kitchen and bathroom cabinets and appliances come to mind, along with closets large and small. Others take the concept further with built-in shelves and bookshelves, media centers attached to walls, window seats over cabinetry, wet bars with mini-refrigerators and more adaptations to […]