Why You Need a Scullery

If you enjoy entertaining, whether that’s large dinner parties or cozy cocktails with friends, your guests always seem to end up mingling in the kitchen. Especially if you have an open concept living area, by the end of the night the mess in the kitchen can be substantial. You just might need a scullery area […]

Rattan Furniture is Making a Comeback

Rattan furniture and accessories used to date a décor, but thanks to designers and trendsetters, it is now trending and warming up the look of homes everywhere. Rattan is the material used to weave (wicker) furniture and more. The trend shows no signs of declining because it no longer is just for outdoor furniture — […]

5 Ideas to Transform Outdoor Spaces

by Gary Nelson, Realty Executives of Flagstaff Luxury homes are not only about the interior; they should also have stunning outdoor spaces that complement their beauty. Landscaping can transform a simple yard into a breathtaking oasis. Here are five landscaping ideas for homes that will make your property stand out. Pergolas and Gazebos A pergola […]

Catch up on Swimming Pool Trends

While considering new construction or upgrading your pool, it’s crucial that you keep your design relevant and on-trend. Otherwise, you’re left with a significant investment that looks and feels outdated. If you’re seeking a bit of inspiration, let’s look at a few exciting trends in pool designs to get you started. Pool Automation Swimming pool […]

Millwork Sets Your Home Apart

Nothing works like millwork to infuse luxury and craftsmanship into a residence. It lends an understated, classic feeling that anchors a room and leaves an impression on most everyone who enters. The detail found in woodwork flourishes like crown molding, wainscoting, baseboards and trim. Wood inlays, paneling on walls and ceilings and carving on interior […]

Whole House Surge Protectors Save Money

by Mario Traina and Amber Traina, Owners, Allied Electric Installing a whole house surge protector on your home is a smart investment for you and your family. It does exactly what the name suggests — protects your home against surges, significantly prolonging the life of expensive appliances and technology by as much as 30%. A […]

Create Timeless Décor with Confidence

When moving into a new home or giving one you’ve been in for a while a makeover, you may have qualms about replacing furniture. What you have might already look dated, but who’s to say your next purchases won’t be within a year or five or 10? Interior decorating trends evolve less quickly than tech […]

An In-Law Suite Offers Versatility

It may be called an in-law suite, but that doesn’t mean only your in-laws can stay there. For many reasons, an in-law suite may be a good investment and improvement for your property, as well as a place for your in-laws to stay. Approximately 20% of the U.S. population lives in a multigenerational home, meaning […]

Arc Fault Breaker: A Life-Saving Electrical Device

by Mario Traina and Amber Traina, Owners, Allied Electric Many homeowners are familiar with standard breakers and what they do. But do you know what an arc fault circuit interrupter is and that they can protect your home and family from the ravaging effects of electrical fires? Unfortunately, electrical fires are somewhat common throughout the […]

Limewashing Ages a Room – In a Good Way

People have been applying lime-based paint to interior and exterior walls since the days of ancient Rome, and there are lots of reasons why they’re still doing it today. Limewashing is economical, it uses natural ingredients, it’s able to add depth and texture that’s hard to surpass with any other type of paint and every […]