Bring High Tech into your Interior Design

by Valerie Demetros You work hard to make your home a reflection of your personal style choosing just the right furniture, paint and flooring. Speakers, displays and high-tech components need to blend in and not stand out like a college dorm filled with tangles of wires. Luckily, there are tons of solutions to make speakers, […]

Art Takes on New Dimension with Statement Rugs

If you want to add more art and design sophistication to your home, consider some of the surfaces you may have overlooked— especially the one underfoot. Statement rugs with vibrant color, arresting textures and meaningful motifs will give your interior new depth and aesthetic interest. Define your Style Determine the style and theme of your […]

Beauty of Imperfection: Embracing Wabi-Sabi

In a world that celebrates perfection and flawlessness, the concept of wabi-sabi design is a refreshing alternative. Rooted in Japanese aesthetics and philosophy, wabi-sabi is a design approach that embraces and values the inherent beauty of weathered surfaces, cracks and irregularities. Unlike minimalism, which seeks to streamline and eliminate clutter, wabi-sabi celebrates the knot in […]

Consider the Right Color to Brighten a Bedroom

Need to calm down a rambunctious child or workaholic partner? Want to inspire creativity and optimism in another family member? Consider the bedroom as the place to start. After all, this is where one greets the day and welcomes the night. Applying the psychology of color may guide you in your decorating. Although a new […]

Hidden Kitchens are Trending

Kitchen clutter: it’s difficult to avoid and even harder to tolerate. Especially when company knocks and your kitchen is a disaster. If the idea of a sleek, invisible kitchen gives you a warm happy feeling, it may be time for a bit of remodeling. It’s worth it — by removing prominent appliances or storage from […]

Upscale Homes Cry Out for Cool Roofs

For all the work people put into planning and building their luxury home, the roof that crowns it also needs special consideration. It’s an important element both structurally and aesthetically, and there are several roofing materials to consider that have different strengths and drawbacks when it comes to durability, appearance and cost effectiveness. Slate Renowned […]

Incorporate Global Home Design to Reflect your Adventures

If traveling is your passion, you probably pick up souvenirs along the way. Since interior design is now trending toward a global influence, why not include your travels into your own global design style? Global design is merely an interior decorating style inspired by cultures from around the world. It mixes patterns, textures and objects […]

Laying Down the Line on Blinds

by Blake Herzog Whether blinds are your preferred window treatment or not, they are among the most effective ways to control the amount of light coming into your windows at any given moment. Whether you control them by hand, a remote control or smart sensors, they’re great at filtering the right amount of sunlight or […]

Refine your Space with Underrated yet Luxurious Color

In the world of luxury interiors, where every detail is meticulously curated, the choice of paint color plays a pivotal role in defining the ambiance. These underrated paint colors deserve consideration. Midnight blue for mood Dark and mysterious, several paint companies offer a midnight blue, which exudes a sense of opulence. Embrace the allure of […]

Don’t Let Storage Be an Afterthought

When designing or remodeling a home it’s logical to spend the most thought on your living space. As for closets, cabinets, sheds, attics and other storage areas, it’s easy to go with the not-too-intrusive 10% of square footage estimate often quoted. Yet the number of us who devote our garages to boxes rather than vehicles […]