Create your Own Special Style

Elevating your style isn’t about being on trend particularly, it’s about being you and wearing what syncs with your personality throughout your life. If the latest trend is something you are oohing and ahhing over, it might be for you. But if your first response is “good grief,” that’s just as credible a sign you […]

Explore the Gardens of the World

From orderly gardens trimmed precisely and perhaps with dancing topiary animals to wild gardens growing with seemingly no rhyme nor reason, these decorative grounds of nature nourish our imaginations, ease our thoughts, please our eyes and rejuvenate our souls. Beautiful gardens adorn our world. The oldest academic one — Orto Botanico di Padova — was […]

Bring your Fashion Sense Home

If you want your home to feel more inviting and appealing to you when you come home at night, perhaps the only interior design inspiration you need is your closet. Your current selection of furniture and décor may have been inherited, accumulated over decades or inspired by a trend from a few years back that […]

Pop with Color & Glitter for a Summer You

It’s time to swap out heavy foundations for a fresher look and switch out those smokey eyes for bright colorful eyes, face jewels and glossy bold lips. Fresh-looking skin helps to balance playful eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush or lips. So grab your colorful eyeshadows and face jewels, and let’s get started on what’s new. FRESH FACE […]

Men: Show Who You are by How You Act

If you want to derail a business deal, a burgeoning romance or be considered a jerk, ignore the power of etiquette. From ancient Greece when a handshake was a sign of equality and mutual respect (and proof that the parties came unarmed) to Emily Post’s thoughts that good manners reveal “a consideration of others and […]

Nail Down your Personal Style with Polish

Do you have a go-to nail polish color you rarely stray from? According to some of the principles of color psychology, your choice could be rooted in personality traits you’re known for and embrace, such as confidence or a calm demeanor. Or if you like to hop around the color wheel it could have lots […]

Reasons You Need a Personal Stylist

by Valerie Demetros Once considered an indulgence of the wealthy, hiring a personal stylist is becoming more commonplace. The time and money you invest in a personal stylist is an investment in your day-to-day life just like a hairstyle, mani-pedi or personal trainer. Hiring a personal stylist can help you project the image you want […]

Develop your Suit Sense

No matter which way the fashion pendulum swings, you always need a good suit. Choosing right one, though, can mean the difference between looking like a million bucks or falling flat. Every leading style figure dons a suit at one time or another. Whether it’s Harry Styles adding pearls to his black suit or Idris […]