Make your Great Room Even Greater for Entertaining

Many of today’s high-end homes have a great room incorporating the functions for the living room and family room and often the dining room and game room. These typically also link to an open-concept kitchen and outdoor space.

It’s Time to Splurge on your Home Office

Maybe you’ve put off really investing in your home office because you weren’t certain how long you might need it. Or you could be moving to a new home, ideally one you’re having built to meet your needs and wants. Either way, there’s no better time to rethink that space with an eye to your own comfort and tastes.

Home Theaters Aren’t Just TV Rooms

Adding a home theater is as complicated as it sounds — you’re adding a theater to your home, a building that likely has an open floor plan to at least some degree.

Home Libraries: A luxury to be Proud Of

Whether you’re setting up a full-blown home library or a reading corner, it should be in a relatively peaceful part of the house, shielded from excessive noise.

Wine Cellars & Rooms Keep it Cool

Maybe it’s been your long-term goal or maybe it just sort of happened, but you’ve become a wine collector. You’ve amassed enough bottles for yourself and your guests that two or three racks isn’t going to work anymore.

Luxury Game Rooms Fun for Everyone

If you really want to make your home a spectacular place for your family and friends, one of the most fun ways to do it is to have a spacious game room.