Spark Big Joy & Luck in your Home with Crystal Decor

Whether you’re a devotee of crystals for revival and safeguarding or love their earth-borne yet out-of-this world aesthetic, there’s an astounding array of choices for your home from the high-end shops of Sedona to businesses around the globe.

Art Speaks to You, so Take the Time to Listen

If you want to include art, whether painting or sculpture, in your home to complete your design vision, the key is discovering what emotions you want to evoke. See what speaks to you through books, art fairs, art galleries, museums or your-such-good-taste friend. Don’t make artwork for your home an afterthought.

Space + Personality = Extravagance in Luxury Closets

A luxury closet is more than a place to store your clothes — it’s a haven, a space where you can be yourself in the apparel that has become such an integral part of your image and interaction with the world.

Ancient Oil Massage Strives for Balance

This philosophy of self-care through self-healing runs the gambit from lifestyle to diet and nutrition to cleansing and rejuvenation — all to balance one’s body, mind and spirit.

Stop! Red Light Therapy Can Help Your Skin

Red light therapy has been gaining a foothold in the world of skin care as clients and researchers report its effectiveness at stimulating your body’s production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. This in turn can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, calm mild to moderate acne and fade the appearance of scars.