Flavor your Travels with Culinary River Cruises

by Valerie Demetros Taking a cruise used to mean endless buffets, midnight snacking and returning home a few pounds heavier. Some cruises are still like that, but for real foodies who prefer quality over quantity and want gourmet meals, a culinary river cruise is just the ticket. 10-day River Cruise from Arles to Paris This […]

Wine Storage & Transport for the Collector

Whether you are just beginning your wine collection, or are a seasoned pro with an in-house wine cellar, eventually you are going to start running out of space. Now what? You could start drinking more, or you could find off-site storage. Some self-storage facilities have a dedicated area for wine storage with temperature-controlled environments and […]

Jazz Up your Look by Experimenting

by Michelle Beck, Owner, Purple Clover Boutique With the holidays over and the weather still cold, now is the time to experiment with different fashion trends to add some luxurious touches to your wardrobe! It isn’t as hard as you might think to turn your everyday fashion into something just a little more special. One […]

Amplify Luxury with Splendid Wallpaper

The range of associations we have with wallpaper are just one indicator of its staying power. From quaint country kitchens to grand ballrooms in mansions, wallpaper has been setting the tone for our homes for centuries. It’s a classic design tool that never went away and has seen a big resurgence as we look for […]

Sumptuous Touches Create your Own Luxury Hotel Bedroom

Many of us love spending nights at upscale hotels and resorts for the perfectly firm-yet-soft mattress, the freshly washed zillion-thread sheets, the heavenly comforter, the thoughtful décor, the perfectly calibrated lighting, the extra touches like fresh flowers or a carafe of water on the nightstand. It’s just so much more relaxing than home. There’s no […]

Top Designers Outfit your Precious Pets

You love your designer clothes, handbags, belts and shoes. It’s important to look good and surround yourself in luxury when you can. But don’t forget your pets. After all, they deserve it for being such loyal companions. And designers are finally recognizing how important our pets are to us, and how important it is for […]

The Perfect Bouquet: The Right Wine, Right Cigar

Although spirits and cigars seem to be the perfect match, wine and cigars can form a love match if you know how to combine them. They can be tricky to pair but there are no hard rules, just basic principles to get the most out of both. So, grab your corkscrew and your lighter and […]

Pack your Clothes in Luxury

Now that vacations are back on the calendar, it’s time to invest in luggage that will make a statement. If you want bags that are well-made and useful but also stylish, luxury models are where it’s at. Of course, it can get a bit confusing. If you need a suitcase that you can stuff those […]

These Valentine Treats Go Beyond Candy & Flowers

Americans shell out about $2.2 billion on candy alone for Valentine’s Day and buy 58 million pounds of chocolate in the seven days leading up to Feb. 14. On top of that, men purchase about 75% of the 110 million roses sold in the U.S. during that time. But if you’re looking to up your […]

Join the Trend, Indulge in Luxury Cosmetics

Yes, most people buy their cosmetics in drugstores and supermarkets. But for those who want a luxury experience, there exists a special class of cosmetics and skin care. Quality, brand and price are the main factors when buying luxury cosmetics, say 55% of U.S. women. And people are certainly buying — studies show that the […]