Smart Tech Makes Home a Lap of Luxury

by Blake Herzog Smart home technology is being adopted rapidly by Americans, with 57% of consumers expected to own at least one household device that can be controlled remotely by a computer or smartphone by 2025, according to Statista. The recent release of the Matter interoperability standard should fuel even more demand with the smoother […]

Bring High-Tech into your Backyard

If you spend a lot of time in your backyard like most people in Northern Arizona, then you want it to have more than just a seating area and television. For those who want to elevate their outdoor home experience, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few: Sauna Standing in the shower in […]

Make it Easy to Relax by the Tech Pool

Those of us fortunate enough to have a pool at home know the bliss of being able to swim whenever you want to, take a dip to cool off in the hottest days of summer and stretch out on a raft or a lounge chair on the deck (with the appropriate amount of sunscreen). Yet […]

Smart Bathrooms: The Next Frontier

The idea of a smart bathroom can be intimidating — having to interact with machines supposedly more intelligent than you are first thing in the morning and last thing at night may not fit into your idea of a relaxing routine to ease in and out of your day. But you don’t need to fear […]

Tech can Revolutionize your Wine Collection

by Blake Herzog The wine industry is evolving and adapting technology to make it easier to select, store and track wine across the globe and within individual cellars. Dedicated oenophiles are leveraging this progress to shop for and collect bottles that will maximize their investment experientially and financially. The hunt It’s easier than ever to […]

Let’s Talk Luxury High-Tech Gadgets

Money doesn’t buy happiness, that’s true. But it can buy some of the most amazing high-tech gadgets out there and that might make you quite happy in an entirely different way. If you’re looking to impress, have some fun or just work smarter, read on for some high-tech ideas. Two-man submarine A yacht may be […]

Must-Have Handbags to take you Anywhere

by Valerie Demetros While even some of the best designer handbag trends can go out of style, there are a handful that never lose their appeal. And just like your favorite jeans or your LBD, a good handbag collection is essential. From totes to crossbodies, here’s a guide to some of the essential designer handbag […]

Robots: Don’t Have a Home Without One

by Christia Gibbons There already are robots that can sense your mood and uplift it (a 24/7 BFF), can answer your questions (a teacher), will alert you to what needs done around the house and see that it gets done (a housekeeper and/or mother). And there are robots that can dance, play music and recommend […]