Look Back, Check Up and Plan for a Better You

Plan for a Better You

by Valerie Demetros These days, resolutions seem to be more of a tradition than a solid plan. Studies show that about 22% of New Year’s resolutions fail after the first week. But that’s no reason to skip planning for a better year. And honestly, resolutions and a firm strategy for a successful year are two […]

Follow These Traits to Success

Success — it means something different to everyone. It can mean earning enough money, reaching your career goals or having a home and family. It is, in fact, more of a journey than a destination. And it is the journey that helps you along the way to reach your goals and thrive. Although it is […]

Pair Luxury & Fitness at These Great Escapes

Nothing sets you up for success quite like building your physical and mental strength. It gives you energy and stamina, builds your brainpower and keeps chronic illnesses that could sideline your goals at bay. Why not go to a luxury resort that sets you up for that success? Check out these top-tier fitness destinations to […]

Demystifying the World of Private Jet Memberships

by Jordan Brown, CEO, Jet Agency In recent years, private jet travel has become more accessible and appealing to a wider range of travelers. The pandemic contributed to a surge in private aviation use, highlighting the benefits of this mode of travel. As more newcomers experience private jet travel, they begin to notice the limitations […]

Dream Cars for Sale

No matter where you are in Arizona, one of the biggest events of each year happens in Scottsdale. The Barrett-Jackson Auction brings people in from around the state as well as all over the world to buy and sell vehicles, new and old. Since its launch in 1967, the event has grown into the international […]

When Should you Meet with your Financial Adviser?

It’s the beginning of a new year, and if you’re working with a wealth or financial adviser you likely have scheduled or held your annual planning meeting. These meetings help you review the state of your assets, set financial goals, discuss allocation of your investments toward reaching those goals, and review any changes over the […]

Planning your Vacation Early Nets Big Rewards

by Valerie Demetros If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to get out and see the world more, then start planning now. The earlier you make your travel plans, the easier your vacations will be. For one thing, going on trip brings a sense of joy and anticipation as soon as it is decided. […]

Luxury Real Estate Depends on Exclusivity, Features

Despite the current market conditions with high mortgage rates and low inventory, investing in luxury real estate is still a great place to park some of your savings. The housing shortage is expected to keep home values elevated, and if you have difficulty finding a buyer right away, luxury rentals will still be a draw […]