Collect Art that Fulfills your Passion

Nothing creates an impression of luxury in a home quite like a fine art collection, but if the owners don’t feel a connection to the art it’s going to be obvious as they share it with others and live around it themselves. The richness is there, but it’s hollow. If you want to bring original […]

High-end Headphones Bring on the Quality

If you care about audio quality, then a good pair of headphones is a must. Headphones or earbuds, it’s always more enjoyable to listen to better quality sound, isn’t it? For over the ear listening, try the following: Sony WH-1000XM5 These offer top noise canceling, 40 hours on charge and a Bluetooth range of about […]

Add Magenta to your Fall Wardrobe

by Michelle Beck, Owner, Purple Clover Boutique One of the best times of the year to update your wardrobe is with the fall season! There is just something special when that first morning arrives and you can finally wear your favorite sweater. We may have to wait a little bit longer in Arizona, but it […]

True Luxury is Often Understated

by Blake Herzog We’ve been writing about the principles of “quiet luxury” since before it and its cousin “stealth wealth” became major social media fashion buzzwords this spring. Understated style that relies on well-constructed garments and accessories pulled together into flattering ensembles can be worn season after season. It’s been a go-to aesthetic for shoppers […]

Waist Bags are Back in Front

For decades, the waist bags (aka fanny packs, bum bags and belt bags) were written off as a fashion faux pas. But these days, they have become the season’s must-have in every well-dressed closet. Sports stars, celebrities and stylish icons are wearing the trendy staple. And thanks to a handful of cool, designer waist bags […]

Training in Southern Japan

by Tori Ward, Cruise and Resort Specialist, ROX Travel Osaka was our launch pad for two nights while we explored and attended a maiko dinner performance at the Ganko Mansion House Takasegawa in Kyoto. Maiko are geisha in training as they master the art of and music and dance. The maiko performed two dances, posed […]

Emerging Wine Regions

Exploring wines from new and emerging regions is one of the most exciting aspects for a wine connoisseur. Persistence, passion and innovation keep the winemaking industry growing and evolving, and for wine lovers that means more wine to appreciate and specialties to experience. Whether you are traveling to experience these new regions or just appreciating […]

Surround Your Baby with Luxury

Whether you’re having a baby or need a high-quality baby gift, finding the best accessories can be a task. While the quantity of baby items can be overwhelming, finding stylish luxury baby gear can be even trickier. The following baby accessories are perfect for any gift or splurge for yourself with both quality and style. […]

The Brooch is back, Baby

Brooches are a type of jewelry you may associate with Victorian novels, glass-case museum displays or photos of the late Queen, but they are far from lost to the mists of time. Although brooch adornment took a hit after the Depression, the trend has continued on and off since. Former Secretary of State and U.N. […]

Celebrate Tlaquepaque’s 50th This Summer

by Riverann Polinard, Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village in Sedona is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Embraced by giant sycamores, its old world architectural charm serves as a welcome retreat for those escaping the scorching temperatures of summer. Tlaquepaque is home to 15 fine art galleries, a variety of great restaurants, […]