Take Charge For the Future With Luxury EVs

by Blake Herzog Today’s luxury electric vehicles are zooming to the forefront of the EV sector, loaded with power and features along with the leading-edge technology that will defuse combustion engine domination once and for all. Here are some of the buzziest machines on the market today: Lucid Air Grand Touring A Silicon Valley startup […]

Accessories Perk Up Your Wardrobe

by Michelle Beck, Owner, Purple Clover Boutique Getting tired of wearing the same pieces from your closet? For a simple, less expensive fix, try changing your accessories instead. Wardrobe essentials are essential for a reason — they are supposed to last for a long time. That is why they are called essentials and are worth […]

Burgundy, A Gift For the 5 Senses

by Tori Ward, Cruise and Resort Specialist, ROX Travel I hesitated when my husband suggested a food and wine canal trip through Burgundy. Then he added cheese. He should have led with that. We were a bit apprehensive because we certainly are not wine experts. However, we boarded a train in Paris with plenty of […]

3 Tips For Selling Your Home During the Holidays

by Gwen Holloway and Elena Sanwick, REALTORS®, LUXE Real Estate Group – Luxury Prescott Thinking about selling your home during the holidays, or is it just too much? Conducting showings during the last months of the year presents some unique and additional challenges that can bring extra stress to an already busy time. Leveraged correctly, […]

Stock Your Home Bar With Essentials

Creating a home bar is a must if you enjoy entertaining. Aside from adding your own style with artwork and a distinctive bar, there are a few essentials you can’t overlook. You’ll be glad you have these basics on hand when the fun begins. Glassware Invest in the right glassware for your guests — whiskey […]

Iced or Hot, Curl Up With Winter Cocktails

Winter is a fabulous excuse for self-indulgence. We’re cold, we’re tired from work and family obligations, and we’re either preparing for or decompressing from the holiday frenzy. At least a few evenings should be set aside for relaxed revelry with festive drinks made from the highest quality ingredients. In case you haven’t mixed any winter […]

Must-Have Heels for your Shoe Collection

Marilyn Monroe was spot-on when she said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Nothing defines an outfit better than shoes. Whether it’s a little black dress, leggings or jeans, your shoes will define the mood. But the only way to achieve that is to own the perfect shoe collection […]

Know & Organize Spices For Good Health & Satisfied Taste Buds

by Valerie Demetros Spices are a staple in every kitchen. Even the best recipes need a little extra, and you can usually find that in your spice cabinet. Better yet, many of them offer substantial health benefits. But before you start cooking, let’s go over the basics. Buying You can simply pick up what you […]

Experiencing Sedona’s Tlaquepaque

by Riverann Polinard, Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village Arriving in Sedona is like walking into a beautiful postcard. In the center of town is Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village. This artistic village reflects the romance of Sedona. Here, art and nature embrace one another in a story of beauty and perfection. Abe Miller, its founder, […]

Taste the World Through Culinary Tours

If you love to travel, then you probably love to eat. Many of the best travel memories begin with a meal, whether it’s finding felafel on the street in Israel, hidden alley restaurants in London or a five-star restaurant with a master chef in Paris. Of course, you can follow a guidebook and you will […]