Sedona’s Ambiente Opens Hotel Restaurant to the Public

Following a successful first year of operations Forty1 — the sophisticated signature restaurant at the luxurious Ambiente that initially catered exclusively to the hotel’s guests — is now open to the public with a veteran of the Northern Arizona culinary scene as its new chef. As the new head of all culinary efforts across the […]

Fringe & Roses Big in Spring Fashion

by Michelle Beck, Owner, Purple Clover Boutique What can be better than the first day of spring? It’s that time of year to enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures. It is also the time to replace those heavy layers of winter and enjoy some new fashion choices. The absolute No. 1 trend for spring of […]

Personal Concierge Services Lead Way to Luxury

Do you have the money to pay for a truly superb, enriching lifestyle, but none of the time required to do the research to fulfill your vision? You might want to enlist a personal concierge service. These businesses, also referred to as luxury lifestyle concierge services, offer bespoke assistance for complex travel and personal arrangements […]

These US Airport Lounges are a Cut Above

If you think of airport lounges, you might imagine outdated furniture and cheap wine. Luckily, those days are ending and the airport lounge scene is getting better and better. Getting in may mean you must be traveling on a specific airline, so do your research first. Here are a few of the top airport lounges […]

Wearing Neutrals is not Boring (in Neutral Territory)

Everyone is different and not every fashion trend, style or color works for everyone. The key to a capsule wardrobe with classic, neutral pieces is to find what works for you and then have fun with it. Mastering the art of all-over neutrals is all about playing with texture and shape. Neutral outfits typically stick […]

Lyon Delivers Marvelous Mix

by Tori Ward, Cruise and Resort Specialist, ROX Travel Recently we decided to make a repeat trip to Burgundy with our BFF traveling buddy, Rhonda, and included a four-day side trip to Lyon, France. It seemed to fit all the items on our punch list. A city of historical significance with diversity, some mystery or […]

2024’s Trendiest Spices Bring Sweet Intensity

We’re always talking about trends when it comes to fashion, home décor, beauty rituals and the like. Culinary trends are less discussed but still easy to detect in restaurants and featured recipes, and even filter down into selection of spices and spice blends. Leading spice manufacturer McCormick pulls a page from Pantone’s playbook and crowns […]

Master the Art of Champagne Sabering

It’s always impressive when someone wows a crowd by using a sword to open a bottle of Champagne. The art of sabrage — using a saber or knife to forcefully open a bottle of bubbly — has become an extravagant display. If this is something you’ve always wanted to try, there are a few guidelines […]

Take the Risk out of Wine and Cheese Pairings

If you’re planning on serving a cheese board at your next gathering, choosing wine to pair with it can be tricky. To begin with, keep in mind a few rules. For instance, contrasting flavors, when paired correctly, can play off one another and combine beautifully. Fresh, creamy cheeses pair well with tangy wines like sauvignon […]

Look to the Streets to Fashion your Wardrobe

by Blake Herzog Fashion meccas like Paris, Milan and New York explode with designers’ creativity and trendsetting power during the Fashion Weeks intended to plot out what the rest of us will be wearing months in advance. But “street style,” or eye-catching ensembles worn by the people attending those events as well as in fashionable […]