Master the Art of Champagne Sabering

It’s always impressive when someone wows a crowd by using a sword to open a bottle of Champagne. The art of sabrage — using a saber or knife to forcefully open a bottle of bubbly — has become an extravagant display. If this is something you’ve always wanted to try, there are a few guidelines […]

Emerging Wine Regions

Exploring wines from new and emerging regions is one of the most exciting aspects for a wine connoisseur. Persistence, passion and innovation keep the winemaking industry growing and evolving, and for wine lovers that means more wine to appreciate and specialties to experience. Whether you are traveling to experience these new regions or just appreciating […]

Think Portugal, South Pacific, California for Ultimate Wine Experiences

Anyone can visit a winery and spend time in the tasting room. But for travelers who don’t mind spending a little more, the following destinations remove the choice confusion and leave the planning to the experts. From Portugal to California to New Zealand, here are just a few luxury wine travel experiences that are a […]

Should You Let Your Wine Breathe?

We all want our wine to taste as good as it does when we are at a winery. There are quite a few things that can impact the taste of wine, including decanting and how long you let wine breathe. The idea of letting a wine breathe is simply exposing it to air for a […]

Tech can Revolutionize your Wine Collection

by Blake Herzog The wine industry is evolving and adapting technology to make it easier to select, store and track wine across the globe and within individual cellars. Dedicated oenophiles are leveraging this progress to shop for and collect bottles that will maximize their investment experientially and financially. The hunt It’s easier than ever to […]

Top 5 Reasons to Drink More Arizona Wine

by Sheri Shaw, Owner, Back Alley Wine Bar When you think “farm to table,” do you think wine? You should. The term typically is used to describe a food system in which the food is grown, raised or produced locally and then consumed locally, without going through intermediaries such as distributors or large retailers. This […]

Wine Storage & Transport for the Collector

Whether you are just beginning your wine collection, or are a seasoned pro with an in-house wine cellar, eventually you are going to start running out of space. Now what? You could start drinking more, or you could find off-site storage. Some self-storage facilities have a dedicated area for wine storage with temperature-controlled environments and […]

The Perfect Bouquet: The Right Wine, Right Cigar

Although spirits and cigars seem to be the perfect match, wine and cigars can form a love match if you know how to combine them. They can be tricky to pair but there are no hard rules, just basic principles to get the most out of both. So, grab your corkscrew and your lighter and […]

Right Glass Gives your Wine a Chance to Shine

You took the time to carefully choose the right wines, and you store them correctly. To round out the experience, make sure you use the right glass. Of course, you could drink out of anything — wine glass, coffee mug or straight from the bottle. But then, you wouldn’t experience your wine to its best […]

Cheese and Wine: Create Perfect Pairings

Cheese and Wine: Create Perfect Pairings - Northern AZ Luxury Living Magazine

The most popular cheese in the U.S. is mozzarella. The most popular wine is cabernet sauvignon — do not pair these two. As a semi-soft cheese, mozzarella longs for the acidic taste of pinot grigio, pinot noir or riesling to balance its mild, sweet flavor. Cabernet sauvignon demands a hardier, more complex cheese such as […]