These Design Trends Elevate Your Outdoor Living

by Valerie Demetros No matter what time of year it is, people seem to crave more time outside. The right outdoor spaces expand your living space, integrate the interior and exterior seamlessly and welcome guests and family to your home. If you’re looking to upgrade your landscaping and yard, or are in the designing stages, […]

Multilevel Landscapes Take Advantage of Terrain

When you live in Northern Arizona with its spectacular mountain scenery, there’s a decent chance you’ll end up with a yard that slopes to at least some degree, making landscaping a bit more challenging. Yet this is a great opportunity to use your creativity to craft a unique outdoor space existing in harmony with the […]

Putting Greens Help Golf Game & Home Value

One of the most frustrating aspects of golf is that improving your game requires getting dressed, loading your bag into the trunk, driving to the nearest practice facility or course and paying the fee before you can even get started. Consider how much easier and more luxurious it would be to have a putting green […]

Give Your Patio a Fresh Look

We are spending more and more time outside since this is the weather we crave. But if you’re spending more time outside, take a hard look at your patio. If you haven’t done much in a few years, it just might need a bit of brightening and sprucing up. Here are a few ideas to […]

Let Light Shine on your Outside Surroundings

Designed to improve the functionality and the beauty of your home, exterior lighting should be an integral part of a residential landscape. From wall lights to spotlights, outdoor fixtures can accentuate your living space and create safe and beautiful passages around it. Illuminated Pathways These add a touch of elegance and beauty and create a […]

A Maze or Labyrinth Brings Magic to your Yard

by Valerie Demetros A backyard labyrinth garden, or even a maze, is not as eccentric as it sounds. They are not just for ancient castles in Europe. A modest labyrinth can be a pretty way to decorate a garden space. If you have more space, you can make a true maze puzzle to solve. Either […]

Find Your Fuel for the Perfect Fire Pit

Fire pits’ popularity has spawned a huge variety of choices — built-in masonry, fire columns, prefabricated bowls, fire tables with seating, tabletop models and pieces with globes, cubes or other shapes that double as outdoor sculpture. But the most basic choice to make is what type of fuel you want to use. Wood This most […]

Rock Gardens Bring Solid Beauty to Landscape

When looking for landscape designs that work with the Northern Arizona environment and not against it, you can’t go wrong with a rock garden. The rocky floor of the spaces we inhabit supports hardy plants from delicate blackfoot daisies to mighty ponderosas and oaks. Plants thrive around rocks in the intense sun and biting cold […]