Renew Yourself through Travel

by Valerie Demetros Breaking away from your day-to-day existence is a necessity for anyone. And travel can revitalize your body and mind, taking you away from stress and responsibilities for just a little bit. If this sounds like something you need, there are a few things you can do. The No. 1 rule: Do not […]

Revitalize your Skin Without Plastic Surgery

There is nothing wrong with a little editing, like erasing a few fine lines, softening a crease or evening out irregular spots. To that end, there are an array of products and procedures to help revitalize your skin without resorting to plastic surgery. There are even a few natural ways to aid your skin’s health. […]

The Ripples of Moiré Design are Trending

by Valerie Demetros Moiré — you may not know the name, but you have probably seen a moiré pattern and may have even worn it. It’s been around since the 1600s, mainly in clothing and accessories and has been used as an effect in decorating for years. Derived from the French verb moirer, it refers […]

Splurge on your Personal Trainer for Best Results

When you’re looking for help reaching elusive fitness and health goals, hiring a personal trainer is an obvious starting point but be selective and invest in one with the proper education and experience. Whether you’re working for improved overall health or addressing a specific need like rehab from an injury or training for a marathon, […]

Create the Most Inviting Guest Room

One of the great advantages of owning a beautiful home is sharing it with guests. And when it comes to decorating a guest room, comfort is key. When decorating your guest rooms, consider the details you appreciate when traveling and incorporate them. Consider how long your guests usually stay and whether they tend to visit […]

Revamp and Recommit: Recharge your Workout for 2024

by Blake Herzog It’s all too common for us to lose some footing on our fitness routine toward the end of the year. It’s usually related to all the familial and social obligations that come with it, but it can also be due to it becoming stale or unexciting. If you’re struggling to find time […]

Luxury Gifts your Man Will Never Forget

Whether you’re shopping for your husband, dad, son, ride-or-die friend, colleague or some random dude you just met, finding gifts that will resonate and be appreciated over time is always going to be a challenge, even if your budget isn’t too restrictive. Here are gifts that’ll deliver great value for you and the recipient. A […]

Reset your Closet Choices for the New Year Ahead

You don’t need to dump and refill your closets at the end of one year and the beginning of the next to keep up with current trends, but since it’s a time for reflection it’s the perfect moment to reflect on what’s there. What do you actually wear? Are there gaps? How can you refresh […]

Sail into Wellness on a Yacht of Your Own

Was your last wellness vacation a little too crowded? Have we got the solution for you! On a wellness yacht you can float through the most beautiful seascapes in the world as your healthy, nourishing meals are prepared by a private chef. A masseuse is on call to tend to every stiff muscle after you […]