Set the Stage for a Luxurious Summer Party

by Blake Herzog Summer parties tend to be a dime a dozen. There are so many of them and they tend to have the same elements; meat comes off the grill, drinks are in buckets and coolers, a cornhole set or dart board is set up in the backyard and the paper plates, plasticware and […]

Sample Culinary Must-Haves from Around the World

When you travel the world, not only do you experience wonderful sites and friendly people, but you get the chance to try each culture’s cuisine and drink. For many people, that is the most memorable part of a trip. If you’re one of those people, then learning to cook along with what your sampling out […]

Wet Room Bathrooms are Trending

by Valerie Demetros When it comes to bathroom upgrades, there is no shortage of ideas. And now more than ever, everyone wants a bathroom as spa-like as possible. One popular option for achieving these spa vibes is by transitioning your bathroom into a wet room. A wet room is a completely waterproof bathroom space with […]

The Cell Where Health Begins

by Vickie Johnston, Owner and Founder, H2O Health People ask me all the time if I think the water will get better. I think I can answer that with 99.9% certainty — they don’t call them “forever chemicals” for nothing! I’ve watched water quality just get worse and worse for 50 years now. It’s crazy […]

Layering Key for Summer Skin Protection

Summer has locked in over the great state of Arid-Zona and we are all doing our best to keep our skin as dewy and moist as possible, but it’s always going to be a battle even in the less-deserty areas in the north. The order of products applied during your skin care routine generally does […]

Best Classic Summer Cocktails to Beat the heat

Building a summer cocktail isn’t rocket science. Ice in some form is a must. Citrus and tropical flavors are highly recommended, paired with a strong yet bright liquor. Try these three classic recipes for a summer refresher that won’t let you down. The Mojito In a cocktail shaker, add rum, lime juice, simple syrup and […]

Grow a Bartender’s Garden of your own

When you are hosting friends and drinks are flowing, fresh ingredients mean you’re making the best cocktails. Planting a cocktail garden is a great way to customize and improve drinks, especially if you enjoy gardening. Fresh herbs elevate the taste of any drink with an extra layer of flavor. They’re easy to grow and can […]

Go All Out with your Outdoor Table

When you’re holding an outdoor dinner party or gathering there’s no need to make your tablescape as formal as the indoor equivalent, but you can still strive for opulence within your presentation. Your table can take inspiration from the surrounding environment or create its own, and given its importance to a dinner party can make […]

Make Home More Luxurious with Summer Upgrades

‘Tis the season in Northern Arizona to brighten and modernize your home and yard with upgrades and renovations. Summer’s weather makes it an ideal time to undertake projects large and small to make your world more comfortable, memorable and stylish. If your décor hasn’t been refreshed in more than five years it likely could use […]