High-End Oral Care Boosts Health and Comfort

Visits to the dentist’s office border on the nightmarish for some people with all the scraping and drilling, and oral care at home feels tedious at best. But using the high-end, low-stress home products on the luxury market can make those dental appointments much less tortuous, free of the needles, root canals and tooth-pulling that […]

Beta Hydroxy Acids Exfoliate Oily Skin

If you want clear, even-toned skin, just cleaning your face is not enough —you need to exfoliate. A formula with beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) is the best plan for acne-prone and oily skin. Not to be confused with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids are exfoliating agents that break down dirt and bacteria in […]

Embrace a Natural Path to Wellness

When you’re seeking improved overall health it’s easy to turn to your health care providers for pharmaceutical help or surgical interventions. But it’s even easier to pursue simple, nature-based actions and remedies to build a solid foundation for your body to function. You always have the option to pursue habits like these: Consume a balanced […]

Mani/Pedi are Good for your Soul and Sole

Consider the mani/pedi. What may seem like an indulgence really is part of good health maintenance inside and out. Women want to look beautiful and men well-groomed, and both want to feel good. Manicures and/or pedicures help with: Skin care The skin on our overworked hands and feet needs to be properly exfoliated to remove […]

Sea Water Soothes & Heals

Ever wonder why you feel so much better after visiting the ocean or swimming at the beach? There may be something quantifiable about it and not just that good vacation feeling. Thalassotherapy is an alternative therapy harnessing the soothing properties of the sea. The term comes from the Greek word “thalassa,” which means ocean. Although […]

Contour Cutting for Hair Enhances Facial Features

Contour cutting is a relatively new technique in the hairstyling world inspired by the rise of contouring makeup on the face to highlight some features while letting others recede into the background. In the cosmetics world, this is done by deciding where you want the focus to be and using lighter and darker shades to […]

Refresh your Spiritual Health

If spirituality is important in your life, it may be time to give it a refresh. Whether you attend services, practice meditation or just commune with nature, spiritual practices can mean a great deal to your mental health. Too many times it becomes more important to focus on careers, family and the daily demands of […]

Skin Tightening: Customized Solutions for Different Ethnicities

by Aymee Wilson, Owner & Founder, Wilson Aesthetics When it comes to skin tightening, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Each individual has unique skin characteristics influenced by their ethnic background, such as skin tone, texture and sensitivity. It’s essential to tailor skin tightening treatments to meet the specific needs of different ethnicities. SkinPen Microneedling: […]

Less Water, More Beauty

Check the ingredient list of any beauty product you own and chances are you’ll find “aqua/water” listed as a top ingredient. Standard shampoos contain about 70% water while conditioners jump to about 90%. For decades, water has been used in preparing beauty and grooming products to help with application, hydration, texture and dissolving water-soluble actives […]

Next Generation of Pilates Reformers is, Of Course, ‘Smart’

It was inevitable that smart technology came for the Pilates reformer, invented a century ago and a key piece of equipment for a form of exercise once again gaining in popularity. The result is a pricey, slick machine that can nearly recreate the experience of in-person instruction at home. Several corporations have put their versions […]