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A Historic Gem in Sedona

Cover photo by Ian White Photography

A hidden luxury in the sacred red rocks of Sedona, Eagle Dancer Resort offers sanctuary for guests.

This iconic multimillion-dollar adult-oriented retreat offers just four meticulously designed apartments and one private casa, welcoming guests to an unparalleled experience.

Offerings include private trailheads, on-site spa and wellness services exclusively to guests.

Owners Iona Brode and Huib Stroomberg have renovated and restored the historic property in west Sedona.

Designed by architect Bob McIntyre (Tlaquepaque’s architect), the property features unique adobe brick walls bearing his distinctive curved style.

Eagle Dancer’s history includes influential owners like Platt Cline, editor of the Arizona Daily Sun, who promoted desegregation and improved relations with Native American tribes. Later, Hollywood actress Ann Miller, known for her roles in 1940s and 1950s musicals, owned Eagle Dancer. The home was then sold to the Wrigley family.

Today’s owners work to modernize while preserving the historic beauty, luxury and legacy of this Sedona property.

Look for an article on Eagle Dancer Resort in our September 2024 issue.

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